TTC’s 18-35, guided holiday brand, Contiki, has launched a travel-friendly bottle featuring a high-grade silicone body that can be folded up and packed away while not in use. The advanced in-built two stage filtration system removes 99.95% of bacteria and 99.97% of protozoa, creating cleaner, safer drinking water anywhere in the world, while also removing the need to buy throwaway single-use plastic bottles while abroad. The ultra-filtration membrane has a 100-litre lifetime and replacements can be purchased on the Contiki website.

The bottle can be recycled at your local recycling centre at the end of its lifecycle. Through Contiki’s responsible travel initiative contikicares we’re subsidising 50% of the cost price of each bottle (and providing free shipping) to make the eco-friendly choice accessible to all travellers.

The bottle can be purchased online at, at the Contiki Basement in London, near Russell Square, or on a Contiki trip for a not-for-profit price of £9.95.


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