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Anti-Plastic People was born out of frustration towards the public backlash to UK government’s implementation of the 5p Carrier Bag Charge in October 2015, and the counterintuitive response by Britain’s largest supermarkets.

Our mission evolved from a simple idea for a range of alternatives to single-use plastic products – starting with canvas shopping bags, flasks and water bottles – to a 360° strategy to tackle single-use plastic pollution.

Common sense dictated that you can’t just sell a range of alternatives to single-use plastic without campaigning for their purpose, and there’s no point in campaigning without lobbying for change. Likewise, there’s no point in lobbying for change without providing viable solutions, not only product solutions, but initiatives for waste management.


…so far. In early 2018, Anti-Plastic People joined forces with Active360 (a stand-up paddle boarding company with an environmental ethos), Thames21 (a river conservation charity) and Alison Baker (of Ally Bee) to launch In The Drink – a not-for-profit initiative that works to reduce single-use plastic in our waterways caused by riverside bars, boat operators and events.

 In July 2019, we co-founded In The Drink UK as a CIC in its own right.



Anti-Plastic People’s community website was created so that we could bring organisations working for change together as one, and in doing so, more effectively harness the will of determined changemakers in the worldwide community.

Bringing people together, to accelerate action on the SUP epidemic, is paramount, as it is consumers that dictate what corporations sell. The power is in the hands of our communities, and it is people coming together that will drive change.


Anti-Plastic People is home to the Post Disposable Generation – a place where everyday changemakers connect, share their tips, stories and events; a place where real action gains momentum and creates positive change.

Our worldwide community includes zero waste stores, environmental consultants, recycling centres and organisations focused on anti-single-use plastic campaigns and initiatives. Most importantly, our worldwide community includes YOU and YOUR dedication to making a difference, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Join the movement, be the change.


Anti-Plastic People provides a one-stop shop for the worldwide community of everyday changemakers. Our global directory is the number one place that social enterprises, charities and organisations with an anti-single-use plastic ethos should list their business, services or events. It’s also the first place you should look to find them.

Our community website provides a global space for everyday changemakers to create a profile, join groups, consult forums and take direct action in making a positive impact on the world around them.

Anti-Plastic People is your number 1 resource for action against single-use plastic.


Integrity, Compassion, Innovation, Commitment.


With the support of the worldwide Anti-Plastic People community – that’s YOU – we promise to do everything within our power, and beyond, to initiate a global ban on production of single-use plastic.

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